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114,000 viruses Guess Again. 2956

"quotes'? I have previously offered you the chance of indicating just one and you failed miserably as expected so how do you propose to back up your claim of "quotes' let me won't! LOL

Now you're back to "quote" can't you at least try to keep your story straight?

But Snit: you already stated that I did not cite any claims!

114,000 viruses Guess Again. 2957
As I said.... Precisely! a direct quote from you! otherwise Linking to post of yours stating otherwise is proof of nothing...

"all that babbling from you and you fail to cite your claims."-Snit

Your suggestion is now that I provide citations and discuss claims that you say I did not make?...........are you really feeling *that* unwell?

Newsflash Snit...It is always safe to buttume a response comes 'after' the post requesting a response.

See what I mean about the accuracy of your predictions?-Snit ;=)

-- "Would eating a banana or sniffing a flower make it all go away?" -Snit

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114,000 viruses Guess Again. 2957

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114,000 viruses Guess Again. 2955