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Airport Security Faster *Without* ID 2684

Airport Security Faster *Without* ID 2685
Maybe you haven't tried this since the round of changes they put in place following 9-11. The last time I opened a bank...


Heh! Good for you, DS! I haven't flown since just after 9-11, but I'll remember that method!

Prior to 9-11, I had to fly on a last-minute basis to my aunt's ceremony. That last-minute ticket purchase apparently put my name on the security short list. So when I showed up at the airport, I checked in, showed the ticket agent my firearm, demonstrated it was unloaded and in a locked case, etc., etc.

Then, when I got to my destination, my bag was missing. Apparently, my bag was kept off the aircraft until I had boarded - and it had missed the plane.

So I went to my aunt's ceremony in a nice suit, while wearing white running shoes. My bag was found the next day - and I did get several hundred dollars of comps from the airline - but it was still a genuine PITA.

Cheers, Bama Brian Libertarian

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Airport Security Faster *Without* ID 2685

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