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America=The Roman Empire 2666

Yes. Most people here don't realize it, but we're in the midst of a "soft invasion" from our neighbor to the south. Mexicans believe that the USA is illegally occupying land that really belongs to them (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California) and they are taking it back. Successfully too. Our politicians don't have the balls to stop it because big business benefits from cheap labor.

This is why i'm warning you Euros. Don't let the same thing happen in your countries. Once your culture and idenbreasties are gone, you'll never get them back.

I think you are whistling in the dark, my friend.

They don't have as much power as the press likes to make out, and when Bush is out in 2008, I suspect we'll see the last of them, politically. Bush has destroyed the two-party system in this country, which is the most dangerous and sinister part of his presidency. When he's gone it will be generations before we see another Republican in the White House or very many in Congress either, and there are signs that the Republican party is falling apart at the seams. While most people in the world see Democrats as "Good" and Republicans as "Bad" in the US, without a two-party system, you have a dictatorship. I realize that totalitarianism is inevitable all over the world, but its still regrettable.

Meanwhile, our Supreme Court continues to abridge our Consbreastutional Rights. Earlier this year, they ruled that states have eminent domain, thereby taking away all of a property owner's rights to ownership, and now they've ruled that the police don't have to knock on your door and announce themselves before breaking into your dwelling. Land of the Free? What's that?

-- George Graves The health of our society is a direct result of the men and women we choose to admire.

America=The Roman Empire 2667
snip A two-party system can respond to the will of the voters just as well as a multiparty system, it just takes longer...

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America=The Roman Empire 2667

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