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Apple better get its act together 1034

If it was "just Apple", it would be entirely different, but many firms have the exact same issue brought about by rule changes by the SEC, so it's not really anything they can do but update the quarterly results. it's not a big amount, and won't change record earnings.

this explains the issue pretty well...

"More than 80 other companies across the country are grappling with similar stock option headaches, but Apple is by far the most prominent of the lot to acknowledge trouble so far.

Under this practice, insiders try to make the rewards more lucrative by retroactively pinning the option's exercise price to a low point in the stock's value. Usually, a stock option's exercise price coincides with the market value at the time of a grant to give the recipient an incentive to drive the price higher.

OT Global Warming Fundamentalists... 1035
I love the growing mystery of the Spoof of Al Gore's Movie... (the spoof is very weak)... but Looks like it came...

If companies backdate options without accounting for the move, it can cause profits to be overstated and taxes to be underpaid."

so it's a fairly simple issue to resolve.

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OT Global Warming Fundamentalists... 1035

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Apple better get its act together 1033