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Apple is offering options for Shake

Get a new copy for Mac OS X for $500, or...

Get a copy of Shake for Linux for $5,000, or...

If you really want to get your hands dirty, get a license for the source code and keep developing Shake however you want (yes, customers in this industry write their own modifications to software) for $50,000.

The OFFICIAL CSMA politics test 431
Alan Baker funny thing is that 'pet philosophy' is Georgism-Geolibertarianism, something that I discovered...

"C. Additionally, Maintenance customers may choose to license the Shake 4.1 Source Code for $50,000. The Source Code license includes a 5,000 seat volume license of Shake 4.1. This offer is designed to help facilities with significant Shake investments maintain a reliable and controllable visual effects pipeline. Maintenance customers that wish to license the Shake 4.1 Source Code must do so by July 23, 2006. Apple reserves the right to refuse any maintenance customer source Code access."

That's a *5000* seat license of the latest version of the software. *$100* a seat.

Spin away how Apple is abandoning existing customers.

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The OFFICIAL CSMA politics test 431

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