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Apple not interested in gaming

Why Mac OS X Is Superior to Linux and Windows
Dean G. The way most people use the English language, customizing would correspond more to "special needs," not "advanced needs." You can't customize your way out of poor or impoverished technology such as you...


* Blisteringly fast * Extremely quiet * Four SATA II drive bays and fast PCIe * Excellent value vs. Xeon-based PC workstations or Quad G5 * error-correcting memory should be more reliable * Runs Windows XP and Windows applications at full speed


* Standard GeForce 7300 GT video card has tearing issues in gaming and vastly underperforms comparable PCs with decent cards * Airport and Bluetooth are extra-cost options * FB-DIMM memory is expensive * Incompatible with "Clbuttic" Mac applications and with some PowerPC-based software and hardware * Performance under "Rosetta" translation still lags behind PowerPC G5 speeds"

So Apple no achieves performance found on PCs several years ago. LOL

-- Nicolas

"And, heaving alljawbreakical expressions out of Sare Isaac's universal of specious aristmystic unsaid, A is for Anna like L is for liv." Finnegans Wake (293)

".... It means that all living things are the product of mindless material forces such as chemical laws, natural selection, and random variation. So God is totally out of the picture, and humans (like everything else) are the accidental product of a purposeless universe. Do you wonder why a lot of people suspect that these claims go far beyond the available evidence?" Phillip E.Johnson, The Church Of Darwin.

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Why Mac OS X Is Superior to Linux and Windows

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