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Apple's MacBook packed with plenty of features, software

Apple's MacBook packed with plenty of features, software

by Chris Kridler Florida Today

Appleopoly DOES exist
Once again I see you run away from my original questions. Here, let me post them again so I'll be sure you even saw them, and unlike snit had a problem understanding...

Opening a new laptop is like opening a present, for days on end. Everything's bright, fast and fun. That's certainly the case with Apple's latest, the MacBook Pro.

This laptop is the first to incorporate the new Intel chips. The chips don't mean you can run Windows programs on your Mac without an emulator, but you probably won't need to.

I got the 2 gigahertz Intel Core Duo processor. It's just shy of the fastest speed offered, 2.16 GHz. (MacWorld, check them out at, found the bump really does make a difference, though it may not be a difference worth $300.)

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The duo really is two processors in one chip. Apple promises speeds up to four times as fast as a PowerBook G4, which this inch-thin, 5.6-pound laptop resembles.

I taxed my version, which has 1 gigabyte of memory, with the new Universal edition of Final Cut Pro and didn't notice any hiccups as I edited video, just a little chewing as it imported a song. Universal programs run on Intel and PowerPC chips. Final Cut Pro users must upgrade, but most programs work with Apple's Rosetta technology, which "translates" them on the fly with little noticeable speed difference. Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac seemed happy, for example. The MacBook comes with iSight, a built-in camera that can be used in online chats or with Photo Booth for quick snapshots. Its 15.4-inch display is brighter than the PowerBook. The keyboard has automatic backlighting in dark situations.

Of course, it also comes with the cool multimedia iLife applications -- iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie, GarageBand and iDVD. It runs the OS X 10.4 Tiger operating system, which includes the Safari Web browser and all the widgets of Dashboard. (I spent a good hour downloading silly widgets to go with useful things like the clock and the calculator, so there's now solitaire, a weather forecast and a rogue Peep on my Dashboard.)

The battery seemed to last forever, or at least three hours, depending on usage. The power cord is a one- or two-parter -- either plug in the very large brick, or pop out the prongs and add the extension to get a more reasonably sized plug at the end. At the computer end, the cord clings to a clever magnetic mount that pops out when tugged, minimizing damage if someone trips on the cord. Either way, the MacBook gets hot and may not be comfortable on the lap for long. My only other beef is the twitchy trackpad, but I may need to get used to its light touch. I barely noticed the hum some users have complained about.

Apple wins Beatles battle
Apple wins Beatles battle By Sylvia Carr Published: May 8, 2006, 4:08 AM PDT Last modified: May 8, 2006, 4:52 AM PDT Apple Computer has triumphed in its latest court battle with...

Memory, hard drives and other options are upgradable. The MacBook has Bluetooth and an Airport Extreme card for wireless connectivity, but it does not come with a modem. An external USB modem, about the size of a stick of gum, is $49. There's an Ethernet port, a FireWire 400 port and two USB 2.0 ports, along with a DVD-CD burner. The hard drive is at least 80GB depending on the model. And, as they say, there's lots more; look at for specifics and upgrade options. The 1.83GHz model is $1,999; 2GHz is $2,499.

Bill Gates Supports Communism &A#JD1Tg!d8
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Bill Gates Supports Communism &A#JD1Tg!d8

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