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Apple vs. Newegg 3104

Sure, if you add 4GB of Apple-priced memory, forget about quality audio, go with a crappy $70 case, no firewire, forget the $140 for XP Pro, and 1-year manufacturer warranty, and shipping and buttembly costs.

Apple's got a $500 markup over (retail) cost on the 3.0Ghz CPUs, and a $300 markup over (retail) cost on the 4GB of FB-RAM.

The adjustments:

Get memory from newegg, save $300 from Apple's cost.

For your Xeon box, add:

Apple vs. Newegg 3106
What are you smoking, and where can I get some? It might be better than that particular case, but if so it's because that case is overpriced. Not that it's doing you...

$270 for Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 4 Pro 7.1 Channels 24-bit 192KHz PCI Interface Sound Card (comes with a firewire-400 port)

$140 for XP Pro

Another $200 for a decent case (you're going to put $3000 worth of parts in a $70 case? What kind of moron are you???)

$70 for eWiz shipping

And the price difference becomes just $200.

Apple vs. Newegg 3105
Snit About what? SLED vs. Windows XP? That would qualify as it's very own thread, and such has been made many times in the...

Drop the CPUs down to 2.66Ghz and Apple comes in $300 cheaper, plus it comes buttembled and has a no-hbuttle 1-year warranty on everything.

$70 case vs. Apple's beautie, LOL. Plus the Apple box is whisper-quiet. I wonder how much a racket your pooty Xeon box makes.

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Apple vs. Newegg 3105

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