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Apples newest commercials

Apples newest commercials. 2741
Mitch Your missing my point entirely, I never said Windows apps were better than apple apps, well, with the exception of iMovie. I was saying that the commercials were misleading...

Huh? How do you crop a photo in Windows? How do you change the hue or contrast? How do you make a slide show with transitions?

That's not even counted as a feature by most of the world -- every OS has been capable of it since the late 80s. In Mac OS, command-j to show view options. You can allow it to show the preview of image files very easily.

I don't understand why that is touted as an advantage, either. The difference is in misbehaving and inconsistent apps, not the restarting that the OS requires.

Obviously; but the OS is definitely easier to use on a level field.

Had it do WHAT, exactly? Just be recognized, or start moving files and showing them in an organized fashion within a program that can both view and edit?

That's a fallacy. It buttumes only one motivation for hackers, and it is one that is obviously wrong. There are real and critical differences in the way the OS is programmed. If you aren't aware of that, then you have to ask someone who knows -- it is most definitely flaws in Windows that makes it vulnerable. It is serious and major and common flaws that make all that malware significant. Ignoring that just because the argument of a common virus destination sounds good is dumb.

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Apples newest commercials. 2741

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Apples newest commercials. &A#JD1Tg!d8!' 2739