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It's actually quite simple, allow me to explain.

1. Open source programmers give away their hard work. 2. Companies like IBM, Redhat and Novell make millions off their work. 3., Open Source programmers finally realize this (it has taken years) and they begin to revolt. We are seeing this now. 4. Open Source as we know it now, IOW free software begins to dimish and ultimately ceases to exist.

It's ALL ABOUT MONEY. IOW how would you feel if you saw the likes of Novell making millions off of your software yet you are getting nothing.

Welcome to the Open source model of economics.

The smart programmers have jumped ship and started working for the likes of IBM, Novell and such. That is the reason why we see so many abandoned Open Source projects looking for people to adopt them.

Want to be a sucker?

Give your hard work away so others can make money off of it.

That's the open source way.

I don't get it
Frankly I'm not sure what you're referencing then. Yes it can. But doing so isn't a must in order for the current firewall to be effective. snip But that's not...

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I don't get it

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