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Bill Gates Supports Communism &A#JD1Tg!d8

We might as well point out the other SCUM who bow and scrape to the red commies:

Google - 'Do no evil' my butt! Total sell-outs.

Yahoo! - How many Chinese will say 'Yahoo!' when they find the Internet has been censored thanks to Yahoo!?

Yet Another Symantec Problem &A#JD1Tg!d8
Ever amusing John. You are a fine actor. Luckily I don't have to put on a costume, and what I say here really is my opinion. I can't say your point of view is particularly...

Walmart - The #1 reason USA trade balance, manufacturing, small business retail, wages and health benefits are in decline. Parasites on the order of Microsoft. How we lost the cold war. Where the lemmings congregate.

AOL-Time Warner - When will AOL just give up and die? What a hell hole.

BTW, my Mac hardware and software were made in democratic countries:

USA Taiwan Mexico Ireland Canada Germany France UK Japan

-- Fortune Magazine, 11-29-05: What's your computer setup today? Frederick Brooks: I happily use a Macintosh. It's not been equalled for ease of use, and I want my computer to be a tool, not a challenge. Frederick Brooks is the author of 'The Mythical Man Month'. He spearheaded the movement to modernize computer software engineering in 1975

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Yet Another Symantec Problem &A#JD1Tg!d8

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