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New Patch Fixes 43 Flaws In OS X, Many Serious 2121
I don't consider it malware on either platform. You are the one who keeps bringing them up as an example of "malware" on my system. And tracking cookies exist for OS...

On Fri, 12 May 2006 12:24:43 -0700, Tom Bates wrote

So you want to become a liquidate (or are you already?) Why not save yourself a lot of trouble, and go to the nearest urine-soaked alley and find some drunken man or woman, and strangle him-her with your own hands, rather than using a gun? Then a gun won't be able to be traced back to you. In addition, your action would be harder to discover, since it wouldn't make the sound of gunfire.

Or would you use your own unregistered gun, like all common thugs. In any case, make sure you melt the gun down after the dirty deed.)

But, there will be One watching, whether you know it or not. And it's impossible to hide from Him. Fortunately, when you stand before Him, you will be unable to make any excuses for your thoughts and deeds.

New Patch Fixes 43 Flaws In OS X, Many Serious 2122
Why do you keep mentioning them when we're talking about my system being unaffected by malware? If it's not your intent to lump them in with malware then stop referring to...

But I am fully persuaded that He does appreciate your honesty, although whether or not He will take that into account when He pbuttes judgement on you, I do not know.


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New Patch Fixes 43 Flaws In OS X, Many Serious 2121

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