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On 24 May 2006 10:40:30 -0700, "Dave Fritzinger" Not really. 2005 was the first year that cancer rest rates went down. Even that was...
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Mayor of R'lyeh snip Mayor, I just did a little googling to check your statistics, and you are wrong. Here are two references that show that: Now...


Pratt, you are a liar, plane and simple (well, yes, you are pretty simple as well). I have pointed out all the things I do on my Macs, and the fact that I rarely touch a PC in doing them. Again, these include analyzing DNA sequences (for the purposes of designing PCR primers, ascertaining clones are correct, comparing different protein and DNA sequences, etc), prepare papers and grant proposals in Word, analyze data in Excel, prepare posters in Canvas, use photoshop for image analysis, prepare presentations in Powerpoint and-or Keynote, keep track of my finances in Quicken, do electronic banking in Safari, etc. I use a PC for exactly none of these things. The place I work is a mostly PC shop, so scanning and documenting gels is done on a PC, but those items can obviously be done on a Mac as well. I will admit that the raw sequence data comes from a PC (not done in my lab), and that PCs drive most of the DNA sequencers in use today. This is mainly because the largest DNA sequencer producer, ABI, changed from Macs to PCs in the '90s when they were taken over by Perkin-Elmer, a PC shop.

Also note that I really don't use iTunes all that much, and have never bought a song from the iTMS. I do use iTunes to load my iPod, and to manage my music, all of which is ripped from my CDs or from my vinyl records, using an iMic and a program called Final Vinyl.

Now, try to tell the truth for once in your sad, inconsequential existence.

-- Dave Fritzinger Honolulu, HI

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Damn I'm Good! 207

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