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Expander Demon


Well for that particular problem he doesn't have to remove a suite he purchased, he can basically disable that Stuffit AVR from system preference pane.

Apple better get its act together 1034
If it was "just Apple", it would be entirely different, but many firms have the exact same issue brought about by rule changes by the SEC, so it's not really anything they...

Stuffit can be used to browse-pack zip files too. OS X Bom Archive Helper is really pathetic zip archiver along with its very limited expansion capabilities (can't expand encrypted)

If the Finder type of unzipping was enough, "Winzip" guys would be out of business. Yes, win32 has "zip folders" functionality too. It was a excellent 3rd party zip utility until MS acquired them. What did it do? Well, similar to Stuffit AVR but much more integrated to UI. You really saw "ZIP" files as folders. MS acquired, stripped down that easy functionality and made it pathetic part of OS.

I also notice OS X built in zip uses only single CPU , as far as I tested. I got 4 here, majority of Mac users have 2.

I mean there is no reason to give up a program you purchased. They use or not, I still find uses for it, e.g. thanks to JPEG compression, I can fit some photos to single CD while they would require 2 or a DVD-R.

Apple better get its act together 1033
Chris Clement Nah don't think it will matter. Microsoft's little stock smoothing affair and some other minor *ahem* accounting adjustments have not affected shareholder...


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Apple better get its act together 1033

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