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Is the Mac a PC 2582


In my other reply to Znu I outlined my thinking on how back in the day clones were defined by software compatibility not hardware compatibility. If you could get an OEM copy of MS-DOS running on the machine, it was a 'PC clone' or 'PC Compatible', regardless of the BIOS or hw details. If it ran Lotus and MS Flight Sim, it was judged a good clone.

'Clone' is outdated terminology now that IBM has left the building and the platform has evolved into Wintel. But given Apple's CSM, I think the shoe fits to a large extent.

The main sticking point with Apple hardware is the BIOS, but Apple is now supplying an EFI CSM that does improve compatibility with the present mainstream x86 PC platform.

Looking at the hardware, this iMac I have now is less a Macintosh and more a 'PC Compatible' standard PC clone. That Apple has to go out of its way to prevent 10.4 from running on bog-standard non-Apple PC hardware underscores this.

Is the Mac a PC 2583
These are good points, but I'd like to show some differences: It is most definitely a Macintosh, because it embodies EVERYTHING that...

less than '100% PC Compatible', yes.

Is the Mac a PC 2585
Mike True. But Apple is doing an excellent job with its current offerings. I'd love to be able to put together an OS X box from parts from newegg... ...but you can't findanymajor OEM...

The term became outdated once IBM ceded control of the PC platform to Intel and Microsoft.

But Apple, being an outsider to the Wintel world, does kinda strike me as a PC clone maker now... limited compatibility (to whatever extent) does in fact define what a clone was-is.

Is the Mac a PC 2584
ZnU If it's not native, it's not a clone, it's an emulator. The compatibility test is about how well the hardware is a clone of the original, but... ... I agree that it...

These days, market realities and HALs have morphed the term away from MS-DOS-hardware compatibility to plain Wintel compatibility, and the present Macs do have excellent Windows compatibility, even if it is limited to SP2.

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Is the Mac a PC 2583

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