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Microsoft doesn't learn. 2730

Jim Polaski

I think Microsoft is ok on this one.

Consider this:

1) This only affects searches from the small little search box in the upper right corner of the screen.

2) IE7 uses inherited search properties from IE6. In my case, Yahoo turned out to be the default search engine (and still is... i don't use the search bar function).

3) The default search function is completely configurable with many search providers and even you can even customize it further. It's just two clicks to change from Google to Yahoo or whatever.

The bottom line is that MSN search is almost never going to be selected 'by default'... and there does have to be *one* default to avoid making the user select this beforehand - which I think adds too much complexity.

Microsoft doesn't learn. 2731
NoNamer You speak the truth! Google has no case here. BTW, like you, when I...

It's obvious which search engine is being used, it says so in the search box before you actually type any text - and you can change the default search engine *right* there. Very intuitive.

Google is just peeed because it can't own everything. Aside from Google groups, I don't use it anymore... I use now.

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Microsoft doesn't learn. 2731

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