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Mr KKK Man could be correct 1593

To you that may be the question... to anyone that can comprehend what they read the question is: What are you f***ed up on? Maybe you can get your mommy to explain phrases like "being specific to" and why Pratt wasn't in TC's case;)

It's no secret you have problems with reading comprehension. You really needn't prove it so often, though.

Mr KKK Man could be correct 1594
This begs the question: how can "hillbilly" be an ethnic slur when "hillbillies" aren't an ethnicity? If they are, then, are "trailer trash" an ethnicity? Are Yuppies an...

Then it behooves you to stop complaining about being unable to understand it. Geez... you're really not very bright, are you?

Yeah... that's telling me... and it hid your reading comprehension problem real well, too (NOT). LOL!

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Mr KKK Man could be correct 1594

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Mr KKK Man could be correct 1592