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Mr KKK Man could be correct 1595

Windows XP didn't ship with USB 2.0 support
At least if I make an outrageous claim I have something to back it up. This is so unbelievable...

As I've stated previously, I used to work literally a block or so from there... unless things have drastically turned to poo, it's not the poor trash side of town. I can think of plenty of places in Mt. View holding that distinction. It was actually pretty rural before the industrial stuff came in and, while the housing being built there didn't qualify as mansions, they weren't concrete tents, either. Many of them were better than the Eichler I used to rent when I lived in Cupertino... in the not so "poor trash" side of town (at that time).

-- "Not only do I lie about what others are claiming, I show evidence from the  records." - Snit "Even in the U.S., even in a court room, a lack of proof is not a refutation." - Snit "I seriously wanted to be carted away. I need help. I now see that." - Snit

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Windows XP didn't ship with USB 2.0 support

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Mr KKK Man could be correct 1594