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New Patch Fixes 43 Flaws In OS X, Many Serious 2122

Why do you keep mentioning them when we're talking about my system being unaffected by malware? If it's not your intent to lump them in with malware then stop referring to them as such.

Exactly! What is *your* point? Why do you continue to bring up that there was a tracking cookie on my system. You don't consider it malware. The Macintosh is not immune to them. So why do you keep bringing them up?

I'm not sure what you're doing. You keep bringing it up as some evidence that my system was infected with malware. If that is not your intent then why do you continue to bring it up?

It is a feature that Microsoft incorporated into IE. It is *not* malware. Perhaps this might help you understand it better:

"Show Related Links The Show Related Links functionality in Internet Explorer is provided by Alexa. If you would like to find Web pages similar to the Web page you are currently viewing, click the Tools menu, and then click Show Related Links. When you do so, the Web address of the page you are viewing is sent to an Alexa server which returns a list of potentially similar links in the Search Companion area. This information is not sent to Microsoft. If you do not wish to send the address of the Web page you are currently viewing to Alexa, do not click Show Related Links."

It is not much different than Apple using Google as the default search engine in Safari.

It's not tracking you. My understanding is that by using this option the currently URL is sent to the Alexa servers which then return a list of related links from their database. It sets a single, session cookie (it's a first party cookie that expires after the session ends) and that's it. Perhaps you should actually learn something about it before declaring it malware.

New Patch Fixes 43 Flaws In OS X, Many Serious 2124
One of the reasons is that OS X 10.4 does not have all the same APIs and applications that 10.0 did. For instance, some of the security flaws that have been discovered and...

This is not spyware. Perhaps if you'd listen instead of babble you might learn something.

Because you're attempting to make this out to be spyware when it clearly is not.

It's not even questionable. The problem is that you *need* to stick to your guns on this. Not sure why you'd rather look the fool than just swallow your pride and admit that I'm right.


New Patch Fixes 43 Flaws In OS X, Many Serious 2123
Then stop bringing it up as if it is. It's fact. What tracking is Alexa doing? I think that this is stretching...

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New Patch Fixes 43 Flaws In OS X, Many Serious 2123

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New Patch Fixes 43 Flaws In OS X, Many Serious 2121