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New Patch Fixes 43 Flaws In OS X, Many Serious 2141

Daniel Johnson

New Patch Fixes 43 Flaws In OS X, Many Serious 2142
Yes. Any further questions? snip I think I am being consistent: Unix is a brand, and Apple can join in it if they wish...

Yeup. Now do you know what these are for?

Yes. Very buggy.

Then it is obvious then that your recent remarks about OS X not being a Unix is incorrect then. You can't have it both ways.

So? It is still windows lacking any resemblance to real security.

Rather obvious. So why state the rather obvious?

Might be? It is impressive. You might also be informed that the Mach kernel was developed by Carnegie-Mellon a long time ago. Has nothing to do with Next Step o-s. The Next Step part has to do with the GUI layer and an improved way of doing things over what C could do. You'll find that the Next Step headers are in Objective-C form rather than the C only form.

Funny that the kernel controls the user space.

Yes it is. BSD a long time ago has been hand over hand scrutinized for as many flaws as they could find. It also has been hacked and messed with by a lot of smart college students.

Security is in OS X. What part of that do you not understand? It is far better than what you'll ever find in windows.

No, not really. At the core things are done essentially the same way. I've never seen XSun crash, nor have I seen Quartz crash. I have seen XFree crash.

Again, read the book that I've mentioned. And guess what? The book covers Solaris, OS X, BSD, and Linux. They all do the same things from a code point of view. How it actually is done at the kernel level is another matter. I've seen a rootkit for Solaris and finally Sun fixed that. I haven't seen a rootkit for OS X yet. The one that is suffering a bit from being hacked right now is Linux at the 2.6.xx level.

Guffaw!!! And no amount of denial about windwoes will make their security track record any better than its dismal past attests to.

-- Where are we going? And why am I in this handbasket?

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New Patch Fixes 43 Flaws In OS X, Many Serious 2142

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New Patch Fixes 43 Flaws In OS X, Many Serious 2140