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New Patch Fixes 43 Flaws In OS X, Many Serious 2143

Daniel Johnson

Yes, now in your own words, what do they do?

None with OS X. It has an excellent security track record compared to windows.

It is solid and has a very good track record.

Your impression of varying quality has no context. Care to point out where this vaporish varying quality would appear in various Unixes?

But they are based on a microkernel approach.

And it is the core (kernel) that makes everything else layered on top of this that makes the difference.

Everything from creating user processes to forks and threads are eventually controlled by the kernel. So it has a great bearing on security.

Oh, but they did at Carnegie Mellon. And the same with the BSD code that Apple uses as well.

Of course it matters. Some apps like iChat allowed for social engineering, but even then *You* have to be duped into giving it permissions.

Windows viruses and trojans: 114,000 +, Unix: 0.

I rest my case.

New Patch Fixes 43 Flaws In OS X, Many Serious 2144
snip No I'm not! Yes I am! Thank you. Yes. Yes. Unix the brand does not...

Guffaw!!! Another myth about tiny market share. Let me tell you, hackers are always looking for that mountain to climb.

Au contraire... it is important to security.

Where the rest gets its authority to do something from.

Of course. They are both server processes, which are controlled by the kernel. I've seen XFree crash... more like shutdown by the kernel for doing something it shouldn't have. Again *ALL* processes get their marching orders from the kernel and given ids.

Guffaw!! Your ignorance is trully amazing.

You still do not understand what process id-gid given out by the kernel really means yet.

Because a root kit needs an entry point to work from. But these flaws have already been fixed by Sun and others. I can't say the same for Windows that suffers from thousands of actual exploits every year.

Yeah, let sweaty ballmer pimp his windwoes. I'll take any Unix over it.

-- Where are we going? And why am I in this handbasket?

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New Patch Fixes 43 Flaws In OS X, Many Serious 2144

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New Patch Fixes 43 Flaws In OS X, Many Serious 2142