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OT: Question for Sandman


Ah, our little bigot returns to form.

You know that the composer Walter Carlos was better known as Wendy? The self-same electronic composer responsible for the groundbreaking "Switched on Bach" recordings, the soundtrack for Clockwork Orange...

And BBC Basic - one of the most successful Basic languages after Microsoft's many clones and ripoffs thereof - was written by Roger Wilson, who also did a LOT of the work on the ARM processor - the CPU core in countless mobile devices including many multimedia devices. Roger is now better known as Sophie, and is still very successful in the electronics and electronic media industries.

You seem quite fascinated by transgendered people, since you bring this up in most postings. Is there something you're repressing?


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The failings of endtoend model
There are two models in this industry: The iTunes-iPod end-to-end model where a single vendor provides the hardware, software and services, and the Windows component...

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The failings of endtoend model

Mac OSX Advocacy from Newsgroups

Creative's loss deepens &A#JD1Tg!d8