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PC Magazine: It's Time to Get a Mac 1603

On May 20, 2006, Snit

Once the PPD is on the system, and the system knows where to find it, both Mac and Win match them up. If a Brand X Model Y printer is detected, the systems will locate the PPD for Brand X Model Y. What the MS Server is doing is sending it to the client if the client doesn't already have it.

PC Magazine: It's Time to Get a Mac 1604
If the printer is part of a domain you're already connected to it's not so bad; just type the name. If you're setting up an IP printer manually, though, well.... Here's the first walkthrough that...

But even when both platforms have the driver installed, and Windows has attached to the network pinter via RPC, only the Mac can take full advantage of the printer's capability, as Windows still sends an EMF. All the Windows client gets out of having the driver installed is things like paper tray information, duplex, etc.

If you attach the Win machine via IP, you can then send a quality print job. But in IP, not to be confused with IPP, you can't automatically download a driver. You could get the driver via RPC, then detach and reattach to the IP. Windows supports IPP, Internet printing protocol. If the printer is attached to a Win2003 Server, it will download the driver. But if not, you have to locate the driver manually -- on the Mac, it will be automatically identified.

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PC Magazine: It's Time to Get a Mac 1604

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PC Magazine: It's Time to Get a Mac 1602