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PC Magazine: It's Time to Get a Mac 1604

If the printer is part of a domain you're already connected to it's not so bad; just type the name. If you're setting up an IP printer manually, though, well....

Here's the first walkthrough that comes up:


I'm particularly a fan of step three (where, in order to set up an IP network printer, you tell Windows you're configuring a local printer attached to the computer).

Step 14 is also rather entertaining. That's the step where you have to select your printer model from a very long list of models, in a tiny little pane that can't be resized.

I also rather like that one has to take a break from the printer set-up wizard to use the port setup wizard, and when one is done, there are two things the user has to worry about in Windows if anything goes wrong: the printer configuration and a network port configuration.

For the same of comparison, here's how to set up an IP printer in OS X:

2) Click the plus button under the printer list

3) Click 'IP Printer'

PC Magazine: It's Time to Get a Mac 1605
Alan Baker ed, everything is superbly perfect on the Mac. Nothing in the Windows world comes anywhere close to the Mac. When Windows proves to be...

4) Choose a protocol (LPD, IPP, HP Jet Direct)

5) Type in a queue name, IP address, and the name and location you want displayed for the printer

6) As soon as you type in the IP, OS X will query the printer to find out what model it is, and automatically make the right driver selection.

Sheep to be sheared
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7) Click 'Add'.

That's it. Seven steps rather than 23, and they actually make sense, even.

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PC Magazine: It's Time to Get a Mac 1605

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