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United 93 Brought Down by Gun Control Laws 1565

Ray Fischer

No they don't. They earn their living from responding to crime by others.

United 93 Brought Down by Gun Control Laws 1567
Ray Fischer Nope. Simple question that would, if you answered honestly, establish that the correlation must include, as I've claimed, the actors...people with or without guns. Nope...

Which is exactly what this discussion was about. The perpetration of violent crime on innocent, but armed victims.

And their comments respond directly TO that in refutation of YOUR challenge.

United 93 Brought Down by Gun Control Laws 1566
Ray Fischer Thanks for the clarification. Try putting them out of work. Violence against whom, and weapons wielded by whom? There...

As I said, I'm going to play with you for a few days, because I expect you to make even more such stupid illogical statements to your challenge for me to come up with support for my claim that there is a statistical probability that a victim drawing his gun against a perp already armed and pointing his gun can beat the perp to firing and hitting the and surviving himself.

We just had another story about it in another thread. A guy was carjacked by a group. He drew his hidden gun and managed to nail two of them before the police arrived.

We don't know if they had their gun on him but they sure had the advantage, them being armed, him forced to the ground. I presume he didn't lay down unless they pointed a gun at him.

Are you going to run?

You just tried again.

You ready to contact those two sheriffs and tell them what you said here..that they propagandize because they "earn their living from crime?"

By the way, you didn't say you wanted statistics. I'm not going to give you any either. I'm simply going to post enough incidences, and when I feel like it, the experience of two cops, trainers as I recall, trying to beat each other to the firing as I've described.

United 93 Brought Down by Gun Control Laws 1568
Ray Fischer Nope. My opinions and biases are freely expressed, and in this 'debate' I am not hiding anything or...

Everyone interested is going to get to watch you flame out, as usual. I'm must going to make it go longer.

Yer in for a long haul, little liar.

-- "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote." - Benjamin Franklin (or someone else)

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United 93 Brought Down by Gun Control Laws 1566

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United 93 Brought Down by Gun Control Laws 1564