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United 93 Brought Down by Gun Control Laws 1569

Ray Fischer

Only by stopping at that point and avoiding what followed.

Nope. It's right there. I asked for a clarifying statement from you, by the question of "who" does the violence and wields the guns. The question does in fact, "follow" what preceded it.

If you wish to split hairs, it's "data" for statistical use.

And they most certainly do. I can sit at the local sheriff's department terminal and read it. I have been doing so on contract. You are full of poo, boy.

United 93 Brought Down by Gun Control Laws 1571
Ray Fischer Nope. You cut the post. There was no change of subject. You yourself went ONE to make the same point I made by my question. Anyone can read it in this...

They can also access the feds Debt Collection of data with statistical analysis. YOU can read the FBI reports annually. It's all there, dummy.

And you can read the National Crime Victim Survey. Have you? Will you answer, or snip this to avoid having to face the truth? We'll see, won't we now.

Nope. I've seen candidates beaten precisely because the winner had a better education, and more experience.

You presume all "sheriffs" are LE in hicksville and you don't know a "county" from your butthole. Some Sheriffs are LE for counties that are solid city and suburbs and nothing else from border to border. They are in fact, big city cops. Try LA county for an example.

United 93 Brought Down by Gun Control Laws 1574
Ray Fischer I run an airgun club in the middle of Nottingham. A few weeks ago, a group of students rammed the door with the intention of...

Why the criteria of "world wide," child? They do have nationwide knowledge, and pay very close attention to it.

They are in compebreastion for funding, as you so nicely pointed out to us earlier, as an accusation.

United 93 Brought Down by Gun Control Laws 1573
Ray Fischer You seem to be very confused. First, if you mean gun, say gun. Not "weapon." There are other weapons. Paragraph one of your citation is...

Odd you should mention "Tenneseesic" presuming you mean some kind of primitive backwater. I made that mistake in the military when I was young and biased by my upbringing to buttume those slow talkin' southern boys were stupid. I found out the hard way I was wrong, or my upbringing had been wrong in this matter.

Any reason you think a TN sheriff is not the equal of sheriffs elsewhere?

Note to any reader: Before he answers, he will, like most liars who post here, go through and carefully for a purpose, snip this following cite, and THIS notice of his intent to snip, and my other responses and challenges, proofs and citations (as he did for this posting):

A few choice extracts:

You claimed earlier, when I pointed out that most Sheriff's would have a degree in Criminal Justice that it would not include scientific methods and knowledge.

You snipped our conversation for this post I note. How long are you going to unethically snip those responses and challenges to you that you cannot deal with?

" POLI 210 Principles of American Government PSYC 210 General Psychology SOCI 210 Principles of Sociology one history or social science elective

Program Requirements, 75 Credits

Major Courses, 51 Credits CRJC 200 Introduction to the Criminal Justice System CRCJ 201 Introduction to Law Enforcement CRJC 212 Juvenile Justice System CRJC 215 Introduction to Criminal Courts CRJC 220 Introduction to Corrections CRJC 300 Criminal Law CRJC 411 Criminal Justice Research CRJC 420 Criminological Theory CRJC 430 Internship in the Criminal Justice System CRJC 450 Criminal Justice Seminar

Select one course from the following.

SOCI 331 Social Statistics PSYC 233 Statistics for Psychology BADM 216 Statistics for Business and Economics STAT 202 Basic Probability and Statistics

Select six courses from the following. At least four must be 300 level.

CRJC 202 Legal Aspects of Criminal Justice CRJC 203 Criminal Justice Ethics CRJC 222 Community Corrections CRCJ 230 Criminal Evidence CRJC 243 Writing for Criminal Justice CRJC 302 Prisons and Society CRJC 305 Race, Clbutt and Gender in Criminal Justice CRJC 311 Criminal Justice Debt Management and Organization CRJC 333 Police and Society CRJC 340 White Collar Crime CRJC 351 Special Problems in Criminal Justice and Criminology CRJC 361 Comparative Criminal Justice POLI 220 Principles of Public Administration SOCI 340 Crime and Delinquency SOCI 360 Sociology of Deviant Behavior

Computer Science Electives, 6 Credits:

Choose two from the following courses

CSC 100 Intro to Computer Science BADM 214 Microcomputer Applications in Business BEDU 250 Word-Information Processing EDUC 210 Computers in Education MIS 300 Debt Management Information Systems Theory and Practice PSYC 260 Computer Applications for Behavior Sciences SOCI 333 Introduction to SPSS "

Give note to all those that do deal with research and Debt Collection of data.

Especially: CRJC 411 Criminal Justice Research

You are a liar, Ray. Nothing more. But you have a drive to do it that is obviously a sickness. Or you wouldn't be so reckless in your stupid attempts to avoid the truth by manipulating your opponents posts.

If you think the above is just a single anomaly, please take note of these colleges and their CJ curriculum:

page for Bachelor of Science required courses)

You want some more? There is plenty to go around.

Help with odd failure to burn data CDs
We recently started having this problem burning CDs on our g3 iMac (a slot-loading 700MH) running 10.2. Before this everything just worked. Burning in the usual way--dragging files to the CD in...

You can't make your argument without lying, Ray. Why is that I wonder?

What will you snip out of THIS post?

Zero. NEED is not a factor. As in "must have." But to be elected?

It's really hard to get elected these days without education. College education.

You know any sheriffs with no college education?

List them here.

To discover you error?

What's missing, and why, Ray?

Really? You need to read my citations above.

That's nice. I didn't mention them for an equivalence, but for metaphor. They work nicely in that they are pros, and so are sheriffs. Both with appropriate access to what they need. A sheriff doesn't need to have 10 years of training to collect data, provide it to the Feds and read what comes back. Some are, by the way, quite capable of doing data analysis on their own. Mine can.

Don't you consider it odd that I've given you yet another thing to lie about...probably by snipping? Go and read the curriculum guides for Criminal Justice. Who do you suppose is taking those courses?

Most elected sheriffs are former long term deputies. Most rise through the ranks by education. Most have at least a BS or BA in criminal justice by the time they run for sheriff.

You are as full of poo as the proverbial Christmas goose, Ray.

Again and again I have provided more than ample support, just as I just did, for my claims, and you snip all my references then make such stupid lying comments as that.

Why is that, Ray?

Nope. Can't get any more grown up than I am. Next step is the grave. I'll wait on that, thanks.

Well, you did that all right. You have not pointed out I'm full of crap, successfully. You have claimed it, irrationally, and based only on manipulation of my posts so what I presented that refutes you completely is removed...concealed by you.

You are a liar, and unethical.

United 93 Brought Down by Gun Control Laws 1570
Or you really were babbling a non sequitur and have delusions of adequancy that have you believe that you really rae infallible. Because you want to change the subject and use a smokescreen to distract...

I don't snip a single word of your posts, Ray. You copiously snip mine to remove my successful rebuttals of your nonsense.

Why is that Ray?

Nope. I provided a very good one.

You just ducked the challenge.

Let me see now, post after post in rebuttal to your bullpoo, and with authoritative sources who I've proven the likely credibility of, all mention of which you snip, and *I* am full of poo?


What sources to support your claims have you posted, Ray?

Nothing. Just babble. The babble of sick in the head raving unrestrained narcissistic peeant. THAT is all you have offered.

That and your artful snippage.

-- "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote." - Benjamin Franklin (or someone else)

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United 93 Brought Down by Gun Control Laws 1570

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United 93 Brought Down by Gun Control Laws 1568