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What does this say about users 2628

What does this say about users 2629
Why? So you can play your usual game of denial? Perhaps you need a reminder of what people you interface with online think about you. From a recent Quotes thread: ******************************************************************* Snit: "I do...

They do when you get kicked out of Exeter and Dublin Academy. Yeah my brother got way better grades and Ivy League degrees; I got laid way more which is the only reason for doing anything. I know you unpleasant womanes were google earthing my address last month when you were gonna sue me for molesting small boys. Were you intimidated because the boat house is bigger than the Apple Campus? You guys spend days on here because you are strapped to a desk, I have some time to kill because I don't need to work and never will. My job consists of me logging into Bank America to make sure my trust fund check hit my account on the 15th of every month.

The difference here is when I say I have something I show pictures. For instance the thread with the pics of me on my 5 motorcycles. Or when I tell you I have an 05' Rubicon as well as a 04 Cobra Mustan, and 57 Buick convt. All breastles sitting in a filing cabinet, not making payments like you commoners.

Not Lefty, He tells us about his 200k BMW that's "on order" and his 3 million dollar sailboat that he sails around the world. Nary a bit of proof. If you could be sailing around the world what the hell are you doing online anyway.

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What does this say about users 2629

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