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What does this say about users 2656

Only 2500 dead Americans 2657
How long did it take the US to lose 2500 in Viet Nam or Kosovo? How long did it take for them to lose that many in...

You have the vehicle transported and fixed...just like anything else.

I can understand how a GT would be the primary choice for most people to tour the country in. Who needs the kids and the luggage.

Again...pompous BS. They do anything from oil changes to complete engine-transmission-etc. etc. etc. rebuilds and replacement. You name it and they will fix it. Is your self image so far in jeopardy that you need to make things up in your mind to pump yourself up in relation to somebody else?

LOL ... Your atbreastude reeks of it. See below.

So you admit that you were attempting to insult mechanics. Doesn't quite jive with your "I implied nothing of the kind" statement above don't you think? You obviously have an extremely inflated self importance, and a need to back that thought up by stupid BS blanket statements.

My father (retired) and I have never been employed as pro auto mechanics...but unlike you I don't find that vocation to be any less valuable than whatever it is you do.

Keep going, you are only illustrating further what an elitist you are...

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Only 2500 dead Americans 2657

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What does this say about users 33HumfHSaKlA~jG9gd* 2655