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What has Apple got to match this PC 2613

No, entirely UNLIKE FCP. You'd have to know more about video editing to understand the difference, but it's HUGE. Enormous. Like the difference between a deluxe Mr Microphone and a tape editing booth.

I didn't suggest anything like that -- I am suggesting that the package you are linking to is not a computer in that sense.

No, they don't -- this is the kind of hardware the Mac might connect TO in video work. They complement each other, not compete. Think of them as each a peripheral to the other.

What has Apple got to match this PC 2614
Mitch So FCP does none of these things? Live Production Live Internet streaming Professional breastling Video Capture Network Input Media Editing Virtual VCR playback Picture playback XVGA projector output Camera setup Color...

Read again -- Why does Apple need to match all NICHE products? The idea that Apple makes one excellent editing product doesn't obligate them to produce a compebreastor for every product in the industry!

What has Apple got to match this PC 2615
No, you have to show that the cited object has an advantage over the mac-FCP solution -- because THAT was your point. The TriCaster solution is more expensive and offers a different function. Of course...

No; I asked why Apple is OBLIGATED to compete with every kind of product. In other words, why do you insist that Apple's products have to do everything the other products do?

Apple's computers appropriate to this would be $1300 to $3300; a couple hundred for software. And they'd be able to do everything a computer can do. This solution costs $5000 to $7000, and can ONLY produce live video broadcasts, no storage, no other computer functions, and no non-linear editing. And you have NO reason to think this system is easy to use. It does appear to be compact.

I read it, several times. It was pasted in from the feature list of the item in question. Again -- if YOU have something to say, WRITE IT. Pasting someone else's list of features doesn't tell us about your point, it only lets us draw our own.

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What has Apple got to match this PC 2614

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What has Apple got to match this PC 2612