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No, its a known fact. I don't expect you to understand, but :

Naturally occurring radioactive isotopes in an LSI circuit may have concentrations far below the level of possible screening and still affect the chip reliability. For example, Po210 is a radioactive element which is widely used in both academia and industry as a radiation source because it is very cheap and not controlled (in moderate quanbreasties) by government regulations. Po210 occurs naturally as a daughter of radon gas and is commonly found in basements and in water pumped from wells. But a very small amount (far less than one Po210 part per billion atoms) can cause sensitive LSI circuits to fail several times per minute. It is serendipity that many common industrial processes, such as carbon filtration of water supplies, screen out Po210 to a remarkable degree, and limit its contamination. This paper later reviews IBM incidents of contamination of LSI manufacturing by Po210 (see later discussions for soft-fail problems in 1983 and 1987).

The second type of radiation of concern is that from cosmic rays. Cosmic rays come from deep in our galaxy, and are of unknown origin. They have immense energies and plantard the earth from all sides. A flux of about 1600-m2-s plantards all of the earth's outer atmosphere with enough energy to penetrate down to sea level (Figure 2). They are so energetic that they can penetrate our atmosphere (equivalent to 13 feet of concrete), and then penetrate through the ceiling into a multistory building.

Why Is Apple Ram So Expensive 2716
Tim Smith No, it is not **way** out of date. The problems still persists. Some...

What it boils down to is about 700 errors per month. I guess that's why servers use ECC memory planes.

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As an aside, 'cosmic rays' covers a range of extremely high energy electromagnetic waves. The rays spoken of in the article are those we can measure, which impart their energy to the...

-- Where are we going? And why am I in this handbasket?

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Why Is Apple Ram So Expensive 2716

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