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Why Its Pointless To Argue With Global Warming Believers 2094


Not sure if that would happen during a pre FRS or not. I've never heard of any inflation taking place before then. Inflation problems may have started a long time ago when Henry Ford started giving better wages to workers and then later Unions and strikes that followed. This part gets too complex to figure in other than just observing what had happened and where it leads to.

Also could be a factor of getting the necessary resources and the cost of refining those resources. Forests are renewable and housing growth needs forest products. The cost incurred harvesting forests is related to oil costs and worker total cost of living. Unfortunately, we have to live with what works for now and deal with it.

I'm still relying on my early mutual funds... and I thank the investment group that gave out good advice and moved my funds to high paying CDs. I managed to get 7%... before the bust. And also transfering stocks to funds that paid fair dividends per quarter 5 years before retiring. Otherwise, I'd be in trouble sooner. But after a while, as inflation creeps up, I'll have to start cashing these CDs in.

Only during a crisis will gold come in handy to preserve your wealth. There are some that have done so, and are still waiting for the markets to settle in. It appears to me, that the stock markets dust hasn't settled yet.

My pension is a fixed one from the Treasury Dept. They claim to have taken into account inflation and cost of living expenses, but this just isn't true anymore.

When the commercial rates were at in excess of 25%, businesses had a hard time expanding if that is what they wanted to do. It was also a bad time to borrow for anything as the interest rates were just too high.

Yep. That much everyone should've learned if they were living in the 80s.

Why Its Pointless To Argue With Global Warming Believers 2095
Look, you keep making a lot of statements which are easy to check... and wrong. Inflation was typically lower in the early 1900s, but...

True. The concept is a simple explanation of where money comes from. Due to the large system, there is always someone going into Debt Consolidation and someone getting out of debt. So the mechanism really isn't apparent till someone explains it.

Yes, I know. However who you worked for had to borrow that money from someplace or from their own cash hoards, like M$. But the money the company got came from people buying their product in which case they may have had to get a loan to buy it. It is a never ending cycle where it is hard to see where it all began.

The gov. borrows from the Federal Reserve System. The FRS charges interest to the Gov. for that money. And it is for this reason we seem to always be in a wartime economy. All the corporations are getting contracts to build what the government wants, which the people are taxed .

Why Its Pointless To Argue With Global Warming Believers 2099
Why shouldn't it? Once again, the gold standard is actually *more* contrived than the current situation. Here's an neat illustration. buttume the entire global economy was destroyed, and there are only 15 people left...

-- Where are we going? And why am I in this handbasket?

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Why Its Pointless To Argue With Global Warming Believers 2095

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Why Its Pointless To Argue With Global Warming Believers 2093