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Why Its Pointless To Argue With Global Warming Believers 2102

Um. Common sense?

The only thing you have to do to get people to get subsistence farmers to stop hacking down rain forests is to give them reliable farm land (rain forrest land cleared by burning is actually horrible for farming) and in some cases teach them sustainable farming methods. The problem is not, for the most part, that such land does not exist, but rather is an an issue of allocation.

Alternatively, create decent jobs for these folks in the modern economy (which is developing pretty fast in Brazil).

I'm not trivializing either of these solutions; these are not easy things to do. But compared with coming up with an effective means to limit reproduction, they're easy. Limiting families to one child would be a huge economic problem. As I'm sure you know, in most developing nations, parents rely on support from the next generation, often in the extended family group, to support them when they can no longer work. In other words, kids are a retirement plan. Moreover, there are all kinds of cultural factors that might date back hundreds of years, that you'd need to overcome. Finally, even if everyone agreed it was a great item, there would be *major* implementation problems.

My point here is, ditching fossil fuels will have vastly more effect on anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions than even very large population reductions.

Why Its Pointless To Argue With Global Warming Believers 2103
Brazil has plenty of arable land, it's just held in very few hands. Something like 40% of it is owned by 1% of...

It's really not too hard to see how, with widespread deployment of existing technologies, carbon emissions could be reduced to less than 10% of what they are now. With proper effort, this could be done over a 50 year time scale; most of the relevant infrastructure gets replaced over a timescale like that anyway.

To match that Debt Reduction by just reducing the number of people, obviously, you'd need to reduce the Earth's population to 600M. Achieving that in the next 50 years would require draconian measures, like mbutt sterilizations.

-- "Those who enter the country illegally violate the law." -- George W. Bush in Tucson, Ariz., Nov. 28, 2005

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Why Its Pointless To Argue With Global Warming Believers 2103

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