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Why Microsoft Should Fear Intel Macs" 503

On Sun, 30 Jul 2006 21:26:11 -0700, Donald McDaniel

I think it's mostly Steve Jobs.

You said that it wasn't a word in the English language--you're wrong. You may disagree with its inclusion, but it is still a word.

A year spent trying to make it work like Windows would have been a useless waste of time. I'm not saying that's what you did, but it could explain your distaste for the interface.

What is it lacking, compared to something like WindowBlinds?

Bah, both OS X and Windows are lacking in this regard, even with the third party products.

I think it's stupid to resize from any point other than the corner. It's a preference that is trained through usage.

Why Microsoft Should Fear Intel Macs" 504
That is MY choice, not YOURS, stud. Don't you think I dislike the OS X Desktop because *I* think it's a piece of crap? I...

properly. It's an absolutely great idea though. Instead of taking up the whole screen, it takes as much space as it needs. Unfortunately, it doesn't actually work anymore, and many application developers over-ride it to make the function act as a maximize button. Then, of course, there are X11 applications where it actually *is* a maximize button.

Why? The targets are already infinitely large.

It should be in one of the corners, to prevent icon movement when an application is launched. A dynamically adjusting application switcher is a *really* bad idea.

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Why Microsoft Should Fear Intel Macs" 504

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Why Microsoft Should Fear Intel Macs" 502