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Why Microsoft Should Fear Intel Macs" 504

That is MY choice, not YOURS, stud.

Don't you think I dislike the OS X Desktop because *I* think it's a piece of crap? I don't give a damn what YOU think. YOU aren't using MY computer. Get that through your skull!

I've been using it in OS X for almost 2 years. I still think it's a piece of crap compared with either WindowBlinds or StyleXP.

Perhaps the problem with ShapeShifter has more to do with the designers of the so-called "themes" than with the product itself (although I tend to believe that the OS X themeing ability itself is sadly lacking, compared with XP's theming ability). From the MANY, MANY ShapeShifter "themes" I've seen, they apparently have no imagination. Instead, they try to outdo one another in making the "themes" look exactly like everyone else's "theme". They certainly aren't "thinking different".

So I am *stupid* because I prefer to be able to resize a window from ANY side? Then YOU are *stupid* because YOU prefer to be able to only resize it from one corner.

breast-for-tat, huh?

*IT* doesn't decide for me how much space *I* need. *I* do. Don't you GET it by now? Geeze, what cabbage heads you Mac idiots are!!

When I refer to "larger", I mean "larger vertically.

Why Microsoft Should Fear Intel Macs" 505
In the first place, I did NOT say "it's not a word in the English language". I said it SHOULD NOT BE in the English language (as hypocritical...

Again, you use the word "should". You already know I hate the word. But, if you insist, I will also use it: It SHOULD be where *I* want it, not where Apple or YOU want it.

*I* will decide what a "bad idea" is, not YOU or Apple. After all, I am 61, and am more than capable of discriminating between "good and bad" for myself by now.

Why Microsoft Should Fear Intel Macs" 507
chose to bless us with the following wisdom: Mainly because Apple went 100% Wintel HW. Says the...

You, and all the rest of the Mac idiots STILL don't get it after MONTHS of my posts. Its NOT about what YOU or Apple want, my friend. It's about what *I* want.


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Why Microsoft Should Fear Intel Macs" 505

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Why Microsoft Should Fear Intel Macs" 503