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Why Microsoft Should Fear Intel Macs" 509

Why Microsoft Should Fear Intel Macs" 510
Sadly for Windows users, they do exist for OS X users. My current TV tuner (older, but still very usable in OS X, is USB, while my brother's newer tuner is Firewire, also for OS...

Yeh, like I said, "old, out-of-date crap". My TV Tuner (which I can currently only use under OS X) is USB, not PCI. My sound card is integrated into the Logic Board. My video card is an ATI Mobility X1600, which uses PCI-Express, if I'm not mistaken.

While it may be true for some (probably even many) that PCI is still very common, it certainly isn't true for me, or those like me, who are using their Intel Macs for a superior "Winbox". It's also not true for many newer "Winboxes".

In fact, whether I am a "deep" user or not is totally irrelevant. "Deep user" is just another word for "geeky, pimply-faced teenager", or "geeky, white-faced Academic", most of whom are usually very elitist.

I can't stand elitists, my friend, no matter WHAT platform they use.

But I am not ashamed to admit that I do like my Intel iMac, which my brother graciously made available for me to purchase with monthly payments. And I am very thankful to Apple, which made it possible to use my machine as a great "Winbox".


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Why Microsoft Should Fear Intel Macs" 510

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Why Microsoft Should Fear Intel Macs" 508