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Why Microsoft Should Fear Intel Macs" 514

On Wed, 26 Jul 2006 13:59:13 -0400, Stuart Krivis

Why Microsoft Should Fear Intel Macs" 517
I don't remember ever saying any such thing. Anyway, whatever I said, you can take it to the bank that...

Iranians are from the root-stock of Shem, the Father of all Semites. Any ancient language expert will tell you that their language is Semitic in origin.

Why Microsoft Should Fear Intel Macs" 515
TrŠger) Lars, I think you still have a little of that "Aryan Master Race" mindset left over from the 2nd World War, like the rest of your brothers. And by the...

As to whether ALL Semites want us dead: Obviously, the Hebrews, who are Semites themselves, don't want us dead. And most Sunni Muslims don't want us dead, as well as most secular (usually Sunni) Muslims.

Actually, MANY Muslims DON'T want us dead. Those "Anti-Western and Anti-Israeli demonstrations" which are staged for the News Media are usually organized by Shiite leaders, or in the case of Iraq and Syria, by the Baath leadership. Speak to them AWAY from the cameras, and they will tell you they also hate what is going on, but they live under hateful and demonic leaders, who control every aspect of their lives, with the Baath Party Secret Police everywhere.

No, it is the RADICAL ISLAMISTS who want us (and ALL OTHERS who won't convert to their interpretation of the Koran, which especially includes Christians and Jews) dead. They even want their BROTHERS dead, if they won't convert and join them on their insane Jihad against the West. But you know, they actually have the PUREST interpretation of the Prophet's words (if "pure" is the right word to describe his teachings), which only goes to show how hateful Islam is.

I never believe a word an Arab says. They say "We love you" through one side of their mouths, and "We hate you" with the other. They will feast you if you visit their homes, then stab you in the back when you leave.

Hell, man, even the Arabs don't believe a word their own brothers say. Why should we?

Anyway, I'm through with my rant for now.


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Why Microsoft Should Fear Intel Macs" 515

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Why Microsoft Should Fear Intel Macs" 513