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Why Microsoft Should Fear Intel Macs" 517

Why Microsoft Should Fear Intel Macs" 518
I use it enough to know that while it certainly works, it'll win no awards for intuitiveness, good design, or even its looks. Other...

Why Microsoft Should Fear Intel Macs" 520
It should NOT be the default behavior of the Recycle Bin to RETAIN files intact until the user empties it? You are really stupid, Wegie. You are cutting your OWN throat, not mine. Microsoft...

I don't remember ever saying any such thing. Anyway, whatever I said, you can take it to the bank that the Mayor misunderstood, misconstrued, and misrepresented it here.

Why Microsoft Should Fear Intel Macs" 519
On Fri, 21 Jul 2006 12:54:33 -0400, Stuart Krivis Stuart, weren't you aware of XP's ability to CONFIGURE the behavior of the Recycle Bin? We can turn OFF delete confirmation for the Recycle...

I think I'm a Conservative because I want all the borders locked-down tight, I want all illegals repatriated. I believe that our second amendment rights are INDIVIDUAL rights, I'm for freedom of speech with no caveats except where freedom of speech breaks other laws (like yelling fire in a crowded theatre, etc.) and I'm for freedom of the press. I'm in favor of the government ALWAYS maintaining a balanced budget and am four-square against deficit spending (I have to live within my means, so should the various governments over me). I am against taxation of the individual. I am in favor of fewer laws and less law making. I'm against a government any bigger than it absolutley needs to be to take care of that business appropriated to the Federal government by the Consbreastution. That means NO welfare, NO social programs, Including socialized medicine, and no interference with the lives of law-abiding American citizens. I need the Federal government to make treaties with foreign powers (not support them with dollar diplomacy such as we do now - NO handouts, 'aid' or subsidies), handle international trade, maintain the armed forces and interpret Consbreastutional law. PERIOD. That's IT. And if that makes me a lefty, Then so be it. But I don't think any of the virtual Communists, extreme Liberals and Socialists who post here would agree with Clyde's description of me as a fellow traveler in any way, shape, or form.

Actually, I don't think of you at all except as a religious fanatic and a Win-troll.

-- George Graves The health of our society is a direct result of the men and women we choose to admire.

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Why Microsoft Should Fear Intel Macs" 518

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Why Microsoft Should Fear Intel Macs" 516