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What, specifically?

I never lie, so your claim is non sequitur.

I also note that you are snipping (and I buttume, running - as you call it) from large parts of my posts. Rather ironic, wouldn't you say? You've made a great deal about snipping in the past, and I've always said that you're being treated the way you treat others, after which you've claimed that you never "snip and run", yet here you do just that.

Here is what you snipped, just for information:

How could I be? I asked a question - how can a question be considered a lie, Michael?

I can't answer this illogical question.

iMac Intel Duo 20" Windows games
Hi, I'm seriously considering getting an iMac Intel Duo 20". (This will be my first Apple-Macintosh.) I plan on using OSX as my primary OS, but also want to parbreastion out...

When did I do this? Could you quote me because your claim requires valid substantiation for me to take it seriously.

Yes, what about it?

Quote me claiming that reality is preposterous. Fact is that I haven't claimed that reality is preposterous, I have claimed that the notion that you teach web design is preposterous.

Who's attention am I seeking, Michael?

In what way?

How? I'd be glad to abide to your wish if you could only give me a hint or a nudge on how to go about to fix it. I'm obviously not seeing the error you see, and you haven't explained further.

Why does boot camp exist
Again with these bizarre claims of extreme expense? Please stop it. The last one that...

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iMac Intel Duo 20" Windows games

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Worlds most visited site... don't go there with OSX!!! 2456