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Yet Another Symantec Problem &A#JD1Tg!d8

Ever amusing John. You are a fine actor.

Luckily I don't have to put on a costume, and what I say here really is my opinion.

I can't say your point of view is particularly dangerous or 'CRITICAL' as the say at the virus sites. But it verges on arrogance and ignorance.

Here I go with numbering things again:

1) Windows users, including credible almost intelligent users (yes, they exist) rightfully point out that there is no such thing as perfect security. The more sensitive among them go on to say that they are fed up with Mac user's lax atbreastude toward security, that we are all going to get ours, just wait and see, their time will come, then they will stand around getting drunk in celebration ranting 'I told you so you stupid Mac fanboys, blah blah blah.'

2) It has already been proven that it is possible to write dangerous malware for Mac OS X. In the future someone will write MOSX malware than is more than some lame proof-of-concept and I personally would rather we were both knowledgeable and prepared. This is why I started posting the 'Mac Security' thread every week in these newsgroups. This is why I tell folks to listen to the 'Security Now!' podcast every week.

Appleopoly DOES exist
Once again I see you run away from my original questions. Here, let me post them again so I'll be sure...

3) ClamXav is FREE. TigerCacheCleaner, which integrates ClamXav as well as about 40 other utility tasks, is a measely $9. If you can find an old copy of Virex 7.x that works with your OS version then all the virus definition updates are free. There really is no excuse for not having an up-to-date anti-virus program for your Mac.

4) Despite the lack of MOSX malware 'in the wild' there is an unimaginably mbuttive amount of it for Windows. I am regularly emailed some hunk of malware from some Windows user. Most of it is caught by my ISP. But more recent stuff sneaks through about once a month. I like knowing that my anti-virus app detects and kills it. Yeah, it is extremely unlikely I am going to forward malware to some Windows user, but at least I am removing the possibility.

Once Again For Your
Dvorak has been desperate for something to write about for years. Earlier this year he wrote THE STUPIDEST COMPUTER ARTICLE OF ALL TIME about how Apple are going to dump Mac OS X and go...

5) 'Anything but Symantec' indeed. (A) Buggy, OS crashing NAV (B) Security hole infested NAV (C) FUD mongering Symantec (D) Historic Mac-hating Symantec

I honestly wish they would finally give up making MOSX software and spare us all from their lame programming and moronic contemptuous rhetoric. Let the Windows users have Symantec. They deserve them.

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Here's a quote from the XP service pack 2 support site: "You receive a "Stop: c0000135" and "winsrv was not found" error message after you install Windows XP Service Pack...
Once Again For Your
On Wed, 19 Apr 2006 03:27:25 GMT, Mayor of R'lyeh With Darwin, *and* a GUI...

Darn, now I am all peeed off again. Make me smile John!

-- Fortune Magazine, 11-29-05: What's your computer setup today? Frederick Brooks: I happily use a Macintosh. It's not been equalled for ease of use, and I want my computer to be a tool, not a challenge. Frederick Brooks is the author of 'The Mythical Man Month'. He spearheaded the movement to modernize computer software engineering in 1975

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More Fun With Windoze XP Service Pack Error Messages

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