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f*** Europe 2714


When did I offer you my support?

You have no proof of any of those claims.

I've read his posts for years. Steve is okay in my book.

He's not the liar here. You are. And he pounds you into the ground.

His trolling? Its more like you're something nasty stuck to the bottom of Steve's shoe...

There's no such admission there. You lied... Again!

You're just a monkey on Steve's stick. My apologies to real monkeys everywhere.

There is no such thing as antigluesniffer bigotry.

Why Is Apple Ram So Expensive 2715
Stew No, its a known fact. I don't expect you to understand, but : Naturally occurring radioactive isotopes in an LSI...

Read this thread.

I added the mature comment that Steve's reference to glue sniffing was based on your behavior here, not about any problems you had with prescription meds in the past.

You've already pointed out your own wrongdoing by repeating your own lies above.

There's no straw man, implied or otherwise.

There's no straw man, implied or otherwise.

Glue is not a drug, you ignorant butt. Clearly you are the one lacking in education.

Maybe you'd like to call paint and butane drugs too, seeing how kids (and most likely you) also huff those?

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Why Is Apple Ram So Expensive 2715

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