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iMac is rife with bugs. 3084



I've seen the same problem; reinstall.

I've seen the same problem with my iMac ... I tried to use a wireless bridge to my cable router, but the connection would drop whenever I tried to download anything... the connection strength indicator would start changing, then drop out completely.

I've seen this problem too. Works itself out after some number of minutes, but questionable design. Still, I've had two mice for 6 months now and they both still work.

iMac is rife with bugs. 3086
Wegie Poor Weggie. I've owned Macs longer than you've been dragging your knuckles. There is no error message, it just stops and I get the exclamation mark...

Send it back! Abandon Macs forever. Don't look back. Better yet, install XP on it, and see how well XP handles the CD.

iMac is rife with bugs. 3087
Did 2 Archive and Installs. For some reason, it's better now. Since I managed to actually download the 10.4.7 combo with the help of Speed Download. Encouraging. Already have a PC. It's significantly...

Don't be a big baby. Why did you get a Mac? I got mine for the Unix layer, the great built-in apps, Photoshop, and the great technical underpinnings (CoreGraphics, OpenGL), and the better safety, not to mention the 20" Mac has got a $600 LCD bundled with it and is basically perfect for my needs. I didn't get a Mac because Apple is a flawless company and all its products are 100% trouble-free.

Reinstalling is an *excellent* test of your backups. You do have backups, right?

iMac is rife with bugs. 3085
poor Nashton... they should issue a license to drive this much power. you clearly are a beginner. what is the exact error message? in what program? with what base station? sounds like you...

I don't find the Finder slow at all. What operations are slow?

I don't see that at all. I can open a folder with 250 images instantaneously.

Though I do think the Finder is still fundamentally flawed in many areas. Believe it or not, I don't get a Mac to use the Finder, I get it for other reasons. I still find the Finder superior to the XP file explorer on balance, but expect Microsoft to have surpbutted it with Vista.

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iMac is rife with bugs. 3085

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iMac is rife with bugs