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iMac is rife with bugs. 3086


iMac is rife with bugs. 3087
Did 2 Archive and Installs. For some reason, it's better now. Since I managed to actually download the 10.4.7 combo with the help of Speed...

Poor Weggie. I've owned Macs longer than you've been dragging your knuckles. There is no error message, it just stops and I get the exclamation mark stating that the updates couldn't be installed.

In the Finder and every other applications I've tried it with. I have to press on the arrow on the upper right to make it come to life and then, it won't take me to the underlined links.

My base station is in perfect order. The other iMacs in the house receive the signal perfectly. I'm not new to the airport admin utility and I don't have a choice but to use the graphite BS since I'm on dialup.

Tell that to the other 6 people that use it, ranging from 8 to middle age.

What else am I supposed to use you blabbering idiot? LPs?

If you could read, you would have noticed that I repeated that procedure and still no go.

iMac is rife with bugs. 3088
Nashton Don't. Just install from scratch. Not that I've seen this problem, but I don't trust any sort of merging of system settings and stuff. No, I meant to install XP on the iMac...

So you're comparing a product that isn't even out? And XP is grainy sic?

Did you ever learn punctuation in elementary school?

And how exactly is a user supposed to use the Finder? Is there some kind of occult procedure I've missed in the past 20 or so years of using Macs?

-- Nicolas

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iMac is rife with bugs. 3087

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iMac is rife with bugs. 3085