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Ruel Smith said the following on 30-04-2006 03:05 pm:


Dunno really, from time to time (possibly tied to moon phases) I get the urge to try out Linux again. Happy as I am with OS X (and to a slightly lesser extent windows on the laptop) I'd like to be able to build my own system and really start to understand how things work. But I don't have mbuttes of time to allocate, and every installation so far has been a nightmare. I thought perhaps a liveCD would give me a stable system to play with and get the hang of so's I would have more enthusisam for really gettin to grips with it. (thinking of LFS eventually, once I have played with a working distro for a while.) But I do want to be able to save my settings on the usb drive ('key' thing).

I think I will have to find a cheapo PC to play with, apart from the relative scaricty of PPC stuff I am finding the dual boot thing an extra hurdle I don't need at this stage. Better to just have another system with it on.

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The ideal thing would be to find a gnu-linux evangelist who lives nearby. I know my limitations and the ways in which I am and am not able to learn things. Had no luck with Cork LUG (seems to have died a few years ago), but I'll keep looking.

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Jim said the following on 30-04-2006 02:53 am: All I have found is this; and similar. The only ppc ones are betas from years ago, and 'beta-pre...


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