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People please, why would anyone use something like whatismyip? I don't understand it.

All anyone has to do is use IPconfigall at the Command Prompt and it will tell you the IP the machine is using from the ISP, even if it's a dial-up connection with the ISP. It's also going to tell you the DNS IP(s) of the Domain Name Servers at the ISP the machine is using at the time of connection.

If a router or FW appliance is connected to the modem, then one of Admin screens of those devices, will tell you the IP and DNS IP(s) they are using from the ISP.

The bottom line is know how to use your equipment and the O-S.

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Secondly, if using PCAW or any software where one part of the software is acting as host-server to a client on the LAN or WAN, if the client is coming from the Internet, then one has to know how to configure the router, FW appliance or host based FW to open the inbound port or ports that needs to be open for communications to take place. If the host-server is on a LAN and it's running a persoanl FW-packet filter, then it has to be configured to open the inbound port or ports needed to allow communications between the host-server and the client.

There are two types of traffic a router, FW appliance or host based FW solution works with. One type of traffic is *solicited* inbound traffic, where as, software running behind the FW or router initiates contact to a remote IP by sending outbound traffic to the remote IP. That's a solicitation for traffic from a program behind the FW or router, which is usually client software. The router or FW will let inbound traffic back to the machine when it's solicited traffic.

The other kind of traffic the router, FW appliance or host based FW deals with is unsolicited inbound traffic. No program running on a machine behind them has solicited the traffic. Unsolicited inbound traffic is going to be blocked by them.

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kony pravi: The vast majority of software developers does not use a language that would allow for these specific optimizations. The use of the optimizations arises from the way their compiler works. For example...

If a computer is running some kind of host or server software on a machine behind a router, FW or host based FW, the program is not going to initiate any contact with the client machine running the client software. It's the client that is the one that must initiate the contact and it's the one that wants contact, which is unsolicited inbound traffic from the client and it's blocked.

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In order of the client to initiate the contact with the host or server machine running the host-server software and a router, FW appliance or host base FW is in play on the server machine, then the appropriate inbound port or ports must be opened to the unsolicited inbound traffic the client is sending, otherwise, the traffic is blocked.

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Sometimes, the client software must have inbound ports open too on the router, FW appliance or host based FW, even though the client is the one initiating the contact.

Duane :)

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