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56K dial up as back up

computer hard locks
Hi I'm having some lock up problems and I have had it into 2 shops but it doesn't seem to lock when it's...

On 11 Sep 2005 10:03, "Trevor Appleton"

I am guessing here (because my Home highway was installed a month before they started offering USB on the HH box, so is the "blue socket" ISDN, or USB, and if your PC connects fine, what cable connects the BT end to the PC, and what is the PC end (a PCI ISDN card, perhaps) ?

computer hard locks
SonicMonkey The variation you saw for the *5V is rather bad. A noisy 5V can cause...

From memory, the dial tone which you hear from a HH box is locally generated (there is no dialtone on ISDN, and if you have a PCI card with a PSTN socket as an option, you have to dial on the expectation the digits will be handled by the exchange... they are, but it is odd not to hear anything until their entry is complete and ringing is heard).

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So, my cousin is going to uni, and he's going to need his own pc. So I've been given the...

For what you want, I'd seriously consider plugging an ISDN router into the data connection of the Highway box, and linking it into your LAN, so you'd be able to have the primary routing of connection via ADSL with a fallback that if nothing is getting through, to trigger the ISDN router. But there may be a benefit in using some timer to block the ISDN router during quite a lot of the day, as you might only notice a drop in speed if you were not able to download something very fast (so ADSL might have been off, and the router could be triggered into making lots of short, but chargeable calls).

If you are really keen, get in touch... It has been over a year since my Highway was in regular use (I still have routers and PCI cards, etc, just to support clients, if theirs go down) but at that time I had 3 ISP links with ISDN as the 'reserve' Good luck. Peter Morgan.


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