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Advice on Video for web


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I am just after some advice on small video clips to save on a website.

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If I have some home video clips that I want to convert to a very small file size so people can access them on a website, what would you say is the best format to use and convert them into?

There are a number of different standards and main companies that I have looked at. E.G. Real Video using Real Producer, Windows Movie Maker (Mpeg?), and Quick Time.

The video files I have are saved using the ATI software, and it has saved them using the Portable recording format. It actually saves the files with a .avi extension, however it lists them as MPEG-4, Video 352 x 288 PAL (625), Audio 44.100 KHz 16 Bit Stereo.

I have tried using the Real Producer 10 Basic to convert these to a Real Video file .rm, however it just seems to convert it to audio without also transferring the video for some strange reason.

I have gone into Windows Movie Maker and it is coming up with errors and saying I need to download codecs. I have set the program to auto download them, but nothing seems to happen.

What are your suggestions-ideas on the best format to use and how to convert these files?

I will probably have to save them in a different format to start with next time instead of this MPEG-4 Portable nonsense. I believe if I just save them in regular Mpeg or Mpeg2, then I perhaps wont have as many problems?

Thanks very much for any suggestion-advice.


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to all the computers I've loved before

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