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Agfa Photo CD Freezes Computer


I recently had two rolls of film (yes I still haven't joined the digital revolution) developed at a photo place and got two photo CDs made as well which I paid extra for.

In the past I have had film and cds from a number of companies, e.g. Kodak, Boots, Click and a few other photo places.

The place I went to this time used Agfa photo paper and CDs, they used to use Kodak but unfortunately don't anymore.

The prints came out quite well, but I have a huge problem with the CDs. They are supposed to run automatically on insert, however the only thing they do is freeze the entire computer and I have to hit the restart button. I have tried them on another system and the same thing happens.

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Has anyone else had a problem with Agfa photo CDs? What do you suggest? Is there anything computer wise I can do to get these to work or will I have to take them back for a refund or exchange?

Both the systems I have tried these on are Windows XP sp2. Actually, one system was sp1 at first but I have just updated it to sp2 (that Windows XP Pro). The other system was recently bought pre-loaded with sp2 (Windows Home Edition).

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Thanks for any advice.


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