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Configuration question

Fire wire is a compebreastor to USB, only faster. If you have USB use USB. If you need speed add FW. Can't help much with the best drive. Pick your favorite brand. Peter

This is the first time I've tried building a system and I need some advice.

First you should know that I'm not at all interested in the backend of computers, don't like to tinker, and if I had my way would by a preconfigured machine. The problem is that here in Japan all preconfigured systems come with Japanese language software. The only options seem to be to build your own, or have a third party ship me a computer from NA or Europe.

I've found a company that let's you build your own computer by selecting from a list of components. After a few hours researching parts, this is what I've come up with:

------------------------------------------------------------- Processor: AMD Athlon64 3800+ (939pin) Processor FAN: Silent CPU Fan & Case Fan Memory: DDR SDRAM 1GB (PC3200-512MB x2) Hard drive: (200GB) Seagate ST3200822AS Motherboard: (nForce4 SLI) ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe Video card: nVIDIA Geforce 6600GT 128MB (PCI-E-DVI-TV-OUT) Sound card: CREATIVE SB Audigy2 Value Edition (OEM) CD-ROM-RW-DVD: DVD Multi Drive Panasonic LF-M821JD (DVD(+--)R 16x--RAM 5x-Ivory) Power supply unit: EVERGREEN SilentKing3 500W Hard drive (additional): (200GB) Seagate ST3200822AS Firewire IEEE1394: LowProfile PCI IEEE1394 Card Operating System: MS Windows XP Home Edition ENGLISH OEM

Power DVDbrowser question
Up until two weeks ago my Dell Dimension 4600 was riddled with viruses. I took it into a shop and they ended up...

Unit price: JP´ 211,478 US$ 1,918.12 -------------------------------------------------------------

Newly built computer won't boot
It is not clear how experienced you are at buttembling these boxes. First load just a video card, hard drive, cd (or DVD) rom...

Most of my choices were a couple of steps down from the highest performing and most expensive components. I'm not after a hot rod, but a dependable machine that will last me 3-5 years.

Two things I'd like to ask about:

1. Firewire - this is one of the options available but I can't say I ever heard of it nor ever needed it. If I haven't used it yet, is likely I'll need to in the future? 2. Optical drive - I've gone after the biggest and best here, but what kind of drive should I get as a complement for copying cds-dvds?

Any comments, recommendations, warnings or advice would be greatly appreciated.

My son downloaded a file which was identified by AVG as containing the worm-spybot. When the warning flashed up he clicked on the continue button thinking that the warning referred to the Spybot spyware...

All the best from Japan,


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Configuration question