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Dead PC

Bob wrote in message

Hey, Bob. I like Microsoft (well anything for 3.1 and older), but I don't like the new stuff. The hardware is giving me trouble as well. IDE was going fine with no problems, now these SATA connectors are bad. I ended up last night taking it to CompUSA to let them deal with it. $100 would be worth it if it garuntees everything will be working. I should hope to hear from them sometime next week.

unable to connect to select domains
I'm kinda experiencing an odd problem. I'm unable to visit a particular domain. Normally, when a website is down, you get some sort of error - an error 404, an unresolveable domain name...

It just seems like the manufacturers blatently change things for little more reason than the sake of change. I mean, IDE was going fine for about 20 years (to my knowledge, maybe older?) but no, that's not cool enough anymore so they make entirely new equipment.

What I don't like about the newer operating systems is that they force computer upgrades with each iteration. Go from 3.1 to 95 and I needed 128MB of RAM. Go up to ME and I needed to up it to 512. Since getting XP (on another machine) I have maxxed it to 1GB of RAM and it still runs slow. I should think that newer operating systems would incorporate more efficient code that would make better use of the memory that is there but that does not seem to be the case at all.

I wish you the best of luck in your situation! Please let me know how it turns out as well.


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unable to connect to select domains

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