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Do any P4's over a gig speed use PC133 Ram

On Tue, 13 Jun 2006 09:53:26 GMT, "Doc"

What do we care if you think it's odd or not?

Then all the more appropriate that something is said about excessive cross-posting.

No, it works because of high SNR, and diversion of high volumes of information into appropriate channels.

BS is not even close to related, nor is a Compaq group unless it's a Compaq which you make no mention of.

Actually none of the groups were appropriate since this is information readily available if you had bothered to use a search engine. Surely you are aware of search engines, and that it is bad form to ask basic questions that would take no more time to answer yourself, than to have others answer for you then read through.

No, logic dictates that this creates a mess, trolling, arguments between those actually knowledgeable about a topic and those with only a pbutting familiarity, and in general wastes peoples' time and bandwidth in addition to being an addition burden on news servers.

In short, you're selfishness was perceived to benefit you but ultimately your ignorance resulted in it being more of a burden than just using a search engine. Further, if you can't expect to get the right answer in the most appropriate one or two newsgroups, odds are that you don't actually have the most appropriate group, NOT that you need to cross post to a half dozen or more of them which are clearly less appropriate.

operating system distribution among windows users 467
Amazingly there are still a decent number of people running Windows 98. My parents had it until last month when there 6 year old PC finally croaked. Not many people had Windows ME...

Actually if you want I'll help you learn how to post correctly. You seem to need it.

If you had been on usenet a bit longer you would recognize that you didn't actually get many posts at all considering the number of groups. A single post to the most appropriate group or two would tend to generate the correct answer- and that is what it's all about, a few quality replies instead of the gross # of replies.

So far you have already demonstrated inability to even do a web search for basic information... anything but impressive. You'll get all the help you need because that's what usenet is all about and you clearly demonstrate that you need LOTS and LOTS of help.

Actually it's more common when someone excessively cross-posts, BY FAR.

If you weren't stupid, you'd realize that far more than needing to know about a motherboard, you need to first know:

How to use a search engine to find information. How to use usenet most effectively while not impinging on it's performance as a whole.

If you had a little depth of though on the issue you would see that if everyone posted as you do, your message would have been lost in many hundreds to thousands of posts per day per group. Not so likely to be read at all but those who gave you helpful replies.

HP d135 AllInOne Installation CLUSTER
I got this printer-fax-scanner from a friend who said it's in perfect working condition, just needs to be dusted off. (Not to mention the thing...

You want your posts to be the exception, you feel that it's ok to do for your own benefit what would clearly be problematic if everyone did it, and all out of laziness, for a basic question that Google-etc could resolve. It's pathetic.

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HP d135 AllInOne Installation CLUSTER

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This sound like Power Supply or Ram problem Or